Wheel Repair & Refinishing

Straightened 2 bent wheels in less than an hour at a very reasonable cost. Wheel worx is an incredible and dependable outfit. I’ve been a customer for nearly 10 years in that time they have provided top notch service, products, and workmanship. Sometimes a wheel just can’t be fixed or is no longer safe to repair. We inspect every wheel and give you our professional opinion.

When you bring your alloy small business blog for repair at Wheel Tech you are dealing with true craftsmen, with decades of experience, who are honest and have your best interests in mind. From minor cosmetic damage to complete restoration, Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists offers professional and affordable alloy rim repair. We can straighten and refinish wheels with the custom color of your choice. If your rims are beyond repair, we have access to the best-quality OEM replacements. Use DingGo’s quick quotes service to help you find the best technician for your alloy wheel repair needs. Don’t forget that we’re here to do the hard work for you.

Use paint thinner to thoroughly clean the entire area around the damage. Remove all traces of wax and silicones from the wheel surface. This isn’t meant to repair a damaged wheel or scuffs or significant damage to the rim. You can also search for a second-hand alloy wheel. Change the color of your wheels instead of buying new ones.

Dent Wizard provides SMART repairs to a variety of fleet and vehicle-based businesses. Learn about partnering with Dent Wizard to improve your business today. I wanted to take a minute to say thanks to you and your company. The repair made to my wheel was of the highest quality…

The cost of repairing your alloy wheel will depend on the extent and type of alloy damage. It will also depend on the type of your wheels and their size. Other factors include the location of the damage to the wheels. As alloy wheels are lighter than steel, they provide better handling and performance for your vehicles.

Check out our wheel repair and custom color wheel galleries. Alloy wheels are used to refer to wheel rims manufactured using magnesium or aluminum alloys or both. Since magnesium is an essential element, these wheels are also called Mag wheels.

Accidentally curbing your nice alloy wheels is a good way to completely ruin your day. Yes, we can cosmetically repair your wheel to look “like new” using factory powder coatings. We service alloy wheels from every make and model vehicle.

The most common types of alloy wheel damage occur from kerbing a wheel, which realistically is something almost all drivers encounter at least once. If your wheel makes minimal contact with the curb, the alloy finish will become scuffed and scratched. This can be easily fixed by applying filler, primer and lacquer to the impacted area. More extensive kerbing can lead to graver damage to your rims. Alloy wheels are well known for their performance compared to steel wheels. When taking off-road routes, your alloy wheels will suffer damages that might severely reduce their performance.

Aluminum alloys are renowned for their ability to withstand corrosion and rust. Wheels made of aluminum alloys are no different. They are resistant to rust and corrosion, unlike their steel counterparts. With a light coat of primer you will be able to see pin holes that need spot putty. I’ve used the scratch-filler primer and sanded it. Somehow I spilled brake fluid on one of the wheels.

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