Bluehost Vs Wix Comparison

Its LCP and Fully Loaded Time were the same – just 1.8s. Both measures are very much within the recommended time-slots. Honestly, for a website builder using so many design elements, Wix is doing great. The Fully Loaded Time (8.4s) may seem very daunting at first, but it’s not as bad as it looks either.

You won’t need to go through the process of adding all of the elements manually, so it really does make it straightforward. You can make your design process a lot easier by installing a quality premium theme. Premium themes add a lot of functionality to your site and often come with demo pages, drag and drop elements and support. When it tackles the pricing aspect, Wix also goes first. Bluehost may seem a cheaper option for small websites that do not require maximum functionality at first sight.

This makes Wix easier to use for beginners and fairly intuitive to figure out. Wix has the advantage that it’s easier to use with its front end drag & drop builder, and is therefore very tempting for beginners. Wix is a website builder with an easy to use drag & drop interface that lets you build your own website without having any coding or web design skills. I’m Howard Steele, the founder and editor-in-chief of this website. With over 10 years of web building I know how complicated and tiresome this task can be for a non-IT person. Just describe your website needs, and I’ll gladly help you.

However, only one of these hosts is reliable and affordable for long-term hosting, while the other will make you pay significantly more for each upgrade. wix or bluehost are twovery different tools to get your website created and up and running on the internet. Wix has a free plan that comes with 500MB bandwidth and 500MB storage. Popular for its super cheap prices, Hostinger caters mainly to beginners and those who are budget-conscious. Additionally, the performance you’ll get will be of top quality.

On comparing the pros and cons of both the platforms, it is clear that Bluehost has secured the prize for being a better Web hosting platform. The most prominent element is that Bluehost has strong ties with WordPress. This affiliation can profoundly increase the traffic a Bluehost site receives. In addition to this, Bluehost is cheaper and can deliver with its added security features and customer support. Bluehost, in general, is just a great choice as it has the ability to reach a larger audience and is very convenient.

With other web hosts you’d have to buy your domain name separately for about $18, but if you host with Bluehost they’ll give you a free domain name for the first year. You can host a WordPress website with Bluehost for as little as $2.95 p/m and this includes all the extra functionality mentioned above. WordPress is open source, which means that anyone can create a WordPress plugin. So if you need a certain functionality that isn’t available, you could create a plugin for this. We guide our users through the jungle of choosing a reliable web host or to see if they are getting the most for their bucks – something we love doing. With Wix, you log into your account and you can start working on your website straight away.

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