Bee Control Phoenix

Relayed multiple options to solve pest problems. Many homeowners with a cockroach problem use sprays and traps to get rid of them. These common DIY options are not effective, long-term solutions.

And yes, we do have them in Cave Creek Bee removal Arizona. But to be able to tell for sure what type of bee they are, the bees have been tested in a lab. You can’t differentiate them by just looking. It can look like not much is there BUT in reality, there could be over 100+ lbs of honey and THOUSANDS of bees.

USDA research documents that there are 6 colonies of African honeybees per city block. You may only see a few bees on the outside, but there are more than 12,000 bees on the inside. All feral “wild” honeybee colonies in Arizona are African Honeybees and no feral European colonies remain. There is no shortage of AHB, they are not affected by CCD and beekeepers do not save AHB. Make no mistake, all of the above, are extermination tactics and gentle language to mask what the exterminator is really doing…Killing the bees. The last one “causing the bees to leave” can be accomplished with certain oils, but at what cost?

THE BEEHIVE is truly the best bee removal service you can find in Cave Creek, Carefree, and in the Valley. If you need help with a bee or wasp problem we would be glad to help. We have over 30 years of experience in dealing with bee nests & bee control. We have served thousands of home and business owners throughout the Valley. Bee removal for European and African Honey Bee colony swarming and relocation is a common issue here in Arizona.

NEVER disturb or otherwise threaten an established bee colony. Other companies I called tried to rob me blind, but this one is AWESOME! I even got to keep some honeycomb and made a jar of honey fresh from the attic lol. A scout bee is a bee looking for nectar, pollen, water, or a new home for a swarm. Bees also are attracted to places previous hives have built, even if chemicals/pheromones have been sprayed.

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